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May 2012

I know, is a complex issue that involves fixed ideas and absolutes and
lively discussions. But I think finally it's time where we can put in 'check' the Book of Books. 

Yes, the Holy Bible, known as 'The Book of Books', for almost two thousand years after Christ, probably has many statements of Jesus. The Bible in general, has a lot of information preservation as a person, with many good posts, after studying them and understand them.

So far so good. The problem begins when we begin to understand the human character and start to realize what a human being to subdue the other. I wonder how many modifications have been made in the Bible. Or do you think, really think that for 20 centuries, twenty 100 years, the man would not have set their hands and ideas to control the masses?

I personally believe the source is. Some prefer to call God. But that could also be Goddess! But in time I do not see the Bible, the whole, true and complete. Not that there can be moments of true inspiration, as perhaps the Psalms.

Yes, the Bible may have been used until now to comfort each of us, to believe in something beyond life. Since, in life, we can not see nothing, absolutely nothing but faith in the spiritual field. Or tell me that some ancestor came and told her something. If so, tell us.

All based on faith. Until then it was good because it gave parameters for the older generations have extra motivation to move on. On the other hand caused us fear. A paralyzing fear. Fears like this: If you do this or that God will punish; Be afraid of the devil, Satan, and so on.

However, if the Source, God, Goddess, Energy and Light as desired, is the Creator of all, why would we fear some Satan, the devil or anything like that. For Source, which is the eternal Generation of all, does the existence of any difference whatever, realize, is far greater than anything. Much bigger than anything nominável for us, living the small planet earth, a small galaxy that is billions of others. Not the least we can conceive the idea of ​​millions of planets, let alone billions.

The Bible says to love our enemies, then love Satan! The Bible says not to trust no man on earth, how wonderful! Believe only in the words of the Bible, the paranormal so immutable, no man ever put his hands on them and ideas, not to control others! Today I say: Tell me another one!

Many who read this will say: What a slander! My God, he does not know what it says! These people are those who once had a 'fixed idea' of the Bible and the people who propagate and were never able to think beyond it. Yes, think beyond. So you're born as a child learns what is right and what is unchangeable in the Bible and become a 'mentally paralyzed' for your entire life.

Difficult is not it? Scary to think about leaving your 'circle of safety', the one where you need to challenge themselves and fight their 'great fear'. Is that your fear is so big, which makes it impossible to think a bit and maybe get some general signs? Yes, there are many signs the planet and even beyond. Have you ever done a study of the history of their ancestors?Here are some of them: The dinosaurs, ice age animals, other ancient civilizations, the indigenous people. Monuments technologies are not compatible with the engineering possible for the time, and more. If I explore each factor in the history of our ancestors in the land, will give a series of hundreds of chapters just to submit.

But some of us, continues to insist, the Bible, only it contains the truth, she is the only 'magic thing' that has never been amended by the good man. Sure, it may contain important and relevant facts and history, I'm not questioning that. I question the 'mental paralysis' of seeking truth from facts that alone.Some will say: What the hell? I always died of fear, do not you? Yes, but I think it may just be 'state of mind', depending on your 'vibration'. Example: A marginal dangerous and cruel, will be living in this vibration. Yes, it will be a hell. But do not tell me that someone already came back and told him how much hell as the sky!

In any event and most importantly of all, if God is father, he is the father. If God is Father, we are children. And for children there is no final judgment. Who makes God the king of cruelty, one who judges you and condemns you, condemned all mankind to the present day and not God.

Who the hell decided to make a king? Who decided to give so much power? Power above the Creator, the Source of forever?

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